Hi-Rez Studios has announced that the beta test for Smite on Xbox One will conclude on August 19. The game began alpha testing this spring with an open beta starting in July.

With the official release of Smite for Xbox One, the window to merge your PC and Xbox also closes. By merging your account, you can transfer select items and progress from the PC version to Xbox. More details can be found here.

In  addition, you will also no longer be able to purchase the founder’s pack, a set of $30 DLC. The pack includes 400 of Smite’s premium currency, two unique skins, and access to all characters – existing and future. The deal will be replaced by the Ultimate God Pack on August 31, granting access to all characters without the extra bonuses.

Even though the game will be officially released, this does not mean Hi-Rez will stop adding content to the game. New characters will be released on Xbox One one week after their release on PC.

Smite is a multiplayer online battle area game or MOBA. Unlike League of Legends or Dota 2, Smite is played in a first person perspective. Players play as one of many historical deities from a variety of cultures.

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