Numerous users who had pre-ordered Until Dawn through the PlayStation Network have reported problems with attempting to play the game.

Through posts on Reddit and the PlayStation Forums, multiple users have reported that after downloading Until Dawn, their PS4 will not play the title, with the count down timer listing 128 days until it will be available.

“Until Dawn was able to download onto my PS4, but the game isn’t allowing me to play it. It’s saying it still has 128 days until release. I pre-ordered the game when it was first available, before they changed the game’s release date. I restarted my PS4, and it’s still not giving me an option to play the game and has the countdown of 128 days and 12 hours,” EdTheNecromancer originally posted in the PlayStation forums.

Sony responded to the reports saying, “Our store team is currently investigating the issue. We’ll update the thread once we receive an update.”

While some users who downloaded the horror title digitally said their game is functioning properly, many replies also said the title is not working.

Until Dawn released on PlayStation 4 on August 25. Find out all you need to know about the game right here and check back for our review later this week.

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