Considering the first Halo game has been out for almost 14 years, and the latest instalment almost 3, it’s a wonder that Halo players still find inventive ways to kill each other in multiplayer. With videos emerging of players ricocheting sniper bullets off walls and floors three times before hitting their opponent in the head, other players have stepped up to the challenge and shown off their own crazy kills.

One such player was playing a game of CTF on Narrows in Halo 3. Narrows is well-known for the man cannons on either side of the maps focal bridge, capable of quickly shooting players back and forth between the two sides. The risk/reward ratio is that the route is much quicker, but offers full exposure.

In spite of this exposure, player ‘Ohh So Blessed’ was unaware of an opponent traversing the distance between the two platforms at the time of recording, and was busy trying to push an explosive fusion coil onto his own man cannon. What resulted was as spectacular as it was unbelievably random.

The kill, using a man cannon to fling a physics object across the map and blowing up an enemy combatant, is nothing short of incredible. Kills such as this can be set up beforehand and rigged, but the author maintains in a Reddit post that this isn’t the case – for what my opinion is worth, I believe them.

What’s more, they linked the perspective of the other player.

The second perspective shows off the other player attempting multiple times to jump onto the man cannon, before finally running around and launching across the gap, shooting at enemies across the bridge before meeting a quick and grisly end.

Considering how incredibly specific the timing would have to be, it’s a wonder that these clips exist at all – you can see in the second clip the fusion coil nearly shoots over the player’s head.

It’s moments like these that make me fall in love with Halo: Master Chief Collection again.

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