The character roster for Street Fighter V continues to get larger, to some fan’s chagrin. However, the newest addition that was just announced is Rainbow Mike, who previously appeared in the 1998 game Street Fighter Alpha 3.

“As a flamboyant young wrestler, Mika dreamed of one day becoming a star in the ring, much like her idol Zangief,” Capcom said. “Training under the strict tutelage of her coach, she traveled the world engaging in random matches with street fighters in order to spread her name and popularity.”

Apparently she will have a variety of “high flying moves.” “By calling Nadeshiko at the right time using R. Mika’s V-Trigger ability, you’ll be able to setup sneaky attacks and punishing command grab mix-ups that are sure to knock the stuffing out of your opponent. Players who enjoy close-combat guessing games and striking fear into the hearts of opponents will find R. Mika an absolute delight to play.”

What do you guys think of another new fighter? I know some fans like no new characters and a small roster in order to perfect their fighting prowess. Either way, you can catch Street Fighter V in March 2016 for PS4 and PC.

Also, check out the video below to see Rainbow Mika in action.


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