When it comes to the DC Universe, Superman is not the only one who can lift a car above his head. In fact, just about every hero and villain can throw a punch that could break through a brick wall. Something less common, however, is a character who can can manipulate nearly everything around them with powerful magic. Possibly the strongest of these sorcerers is Doctor Fate. Now we’ll get to see how he holds his own against the others as part of Injustice 2.

In a brand new reveal from Warner Bros. Interactive and NetherRealm, Doctor Fate has been confirmed to join the combatants of Injustice 2. He will be bringing all of his magical abilities with him and using them at his own discretion. It is not clear yet, what side he will be on in the storyline, but you have to feel bad for anyone having to go up against him.

Doctor Fate’s announcement trailer shows him using a number of projectiles and able to transport to different areas of the screen. Anyone who masters his skill sets in Injustice 2 will certainly be a tough matchup for even the best players. Play as Doctor Fate and others when the fighting game arrives on May 19th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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