Super Mario Maker is set to contain some incredible platforming levels.  Nintendo announced that one of them will be designed by Michel Ancel, the designer of Rayman.

A video posted to Nintendo France’s YouTube channel contains an interview with Ancel, as he discusses the upcoming Wii U title while also showing off how he designs a level for the game. Watch below as he even begins with just pen and paper.

Ancel is known best for designing levels in the Rayman franchise, as well as Beyond Good & Evil. Rayman games have been critically praised for their platforming design, so Ancel should have no problem creating a level suitable for Super Mario Maker.

Super Mario Maker arrives on Wii U on September 11. The game utilizes the console’s touchscreen gamepad to allow you to create your own Mario levels in multiple art styles of flagship Mario titles. There will be 60 levels included in the game at launch. The team at Facebook has also created some of their own levels for the title.

Do you think Ancel creating a level for Super Mario Maker is a platform’s dream come true?

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