A new trailer has been released for Pokemon Sun and Moon, revealing a few new details about the upcoming RPG.

The trailer revealed the second evolution forms of the Alolan starters. Rowlet will evolve into Dartrix, who keeps the Grass/Flying typing of its first form. Dartrix cares a great deal about its appearance, and likes to move its”hair” out of its face. Next is Brionne, who is the evolved form of the Water-type Popplio. Brionne uses its dance moves and balloons to get its enemies into a trance, and then it attacks. Finally, there is Torracat, the evolved form of the Fire-type Litten. Torracat has a flame sac around its neck that can produce flames and allow it to see in the dark.

The trailer also showed the Festival Plaza. The Festival Plaza is a new area where players can earn coins by fulfilling requests, which can be used for items. The trailer also showed the Poke Pelago, a special island where the Pokemon stored in your PC are able to go. There Pokemon can be trained, and sent off to look for rare items.

It was also announced that Pokemon Sun and Moon will be receiving a special demo. In the demo, players are able to use Ash-Greninja. The demo will be released on October 18th.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will release for the 3DS on November 18th. Right now players have a chance to receive the Mythical Pokemon Darkrai.

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