Opening the official Super Mario Maker site days ago; Nintendo Japan has confirmed that the Amiibo support is far greater than what was expected. The site has stated that the game features 99 Amiibo ‘costumes’ to use.

To sweeten the deal and calm down both arguments before they rise concerning this content ‘lock’, in actuality, all costumes can be received simply through playing Super Mario Maker and unlocking it through that. Having the Amiibo serves to unlock these costumes right out of the gate.

Honestly, this is the best course of action for integrating the Amiibo with Nintendo’s next flagship title.

What I am concerned about more so is that we’ve seen countless footage of these costumes in their 8-bit form and it’s an amazing addition for sure. Yet a nagging feeling in my head is saying these costumes will only be available for 8-bit levels. Having characters of differing shapes and sizes in the other versions of ‘Mario’ would more than likely be very inconsistent and be harder to fix up physics and hitboxes for all 99 costumes. Well, a person can dream for that much attention to detail.

Super Mario Maker will be out in North America on September 11, 2015 for the Nintendo Wii U.

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