Another slow early game for both teams, both are playing safe. But Piglet is able to get first blood on Adrian 110 minutes in. Some very close calls happen after that point, while everyone is also still trying to farm and get vision and some dragons.

After 28 minutes, the game is still 1-0 in favor of Team Liquid. Team Imulse get their third dragon, while Team Liquid take advantage of their absence and get a vital baron. They currently have a gold lead of 6k and are able to push a lane, getting two turrets and an inhibitor all within 40 seconds.

At 32:30, Team Liquid win the game, getting 4 additional kills in the last 20 seconds of the match. Amazingly, Liquid was able to push six turrets with only one baron buff. Team impulse’s mistake was definitely going to dragon. While a good choice, they had no vision on baron. So this was inevitable.

After the match, CLG’s founder and owner, HotshotGG, sits down with Dash and they banter about the match somewhat. Hotshot is glad to be playing in Madison Square and the team is very excited to play rivals TSM in the finals.

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