The game starts off really well for TiP at the 8 minute mark when botlane gets a great gank from Rush, resulting in first blood on TL’s Piglet and Xpecial; Rush and Gate land the kills.They then proceed to take bottom turret. Minutes later, Rush gets another kill off of Xpecial toplane and Impact lands one on Piglet.

17 minutes in and it’s a complete bloodbath with TiP now sitting on a 4k gold lead and 5 kills to TL’s 1 kill, courtesy of FeniX. 25 minutes in, after 2 massacres by TL on TiP, the score is 9-8 for Team Liquid. From that point on, the action was pretty much non stop. TL tries to bait TiP at baron pit twice working slightly in their advantage.

Team Impulse tries to do baron, with two of their teammates teleporting in, but Fenix is nearby with Orianna and is able to solo steal the baron from behind the pit, changing the game for them completely. The score is 19-13 for Team Liquid. The game is pretty action packed and it’s hard to tell at times what happens when.

They are then able to push bot lane completely, with only Xpecial on Team Liquid dying. Team Liquid wins the game, going 3-1 int the series, earning them 3rd place. When Liquid reaches the stage to celebrate, Piglet is very visibly emotional. After having been previously benched due to lack of motivation and willing to participate with the team, Piglet has improived a tenfold and has shown us why he deserved the title of being the #1 ADC in the world.

If TSM wins tonight’s games against CLG, Team Liquid will continue to worlds.

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