Just hours before the start of the main event in Seattle, the prize pool for The International was able to surpass the $18 million mark.  The funds have been raised by selling compendiums, which provides in game cosmetics to the player.  25% of the profits for the compendium goes towards the prize pool for the tournament.  The prize pool has yet again exceeded expectations.  Valve set up stretch goals within the compendium that would unlock once as the prize pool grew, with the last stretch goal being unlocked at $15 million.

The International can be watched on here, in the dota 2 client or by using Valves new streaming beta.  The streaming beta includes stat tracking, chat and a live minimap.  The tournament is also being streamed live on both Youtube and Twitch.

As of writing the prize pool sits at $18,066,142.  This means that each team is guaranteed at least $54,198, and the winner will walk away with a grand total of $6,503,811.  The main event of the competition will continue until the 8th of August, when the grand final will take place.

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