Ubisoft has released new details about the upcoming Watch Dogs 2, including information on the new protagonist and the city that players will be exploring.

In the “Watch Dogs 2: World Premiere” video, Ubisoft stated that they are working to create a much more fulfilling open-world experience. The game will take place in San Francisco, which the developer has described as the “Wild West of technology.” Watch Dogs 2 is looking to capture the city in both vibe and look.

“We broke the feeling that the world is centered on you, the player,” senior producer Dominic Guay stated. “It’s almost assimilation. You’re in that world, and if you stop moving and look around, you feel that the world is alive, right? This is what the promise of what an open world game is.”

This time around, players will take on the role of Marcus Holloway. Marcus was raised in Oakland, and wrongfully accused of an unspecified crime. Just like in the first game, he will have a variety of parkour moves to help get around the game’s environment. More of a focus is being placed on the flow of the protagonist’s movement, which means that this game should have a more natural look than the original.

Marcus is a part of the hacktivist group DedSec, and will have a variety of weapons and tools at his disposal. This includes his personal melee weapon, a blackjack made from a billiard ball and paracord. Players will be able to create weapons using 3D printers, such as a tactical pistol or non-lethal taser. Devices such as a recon quadcopter and RC jumper will allow players to interact with the game’s world in ways that Marcus would not have been able to on foot.

In Watch Dogs 2, players will be taking on a number of other groups that are trying to gain power. This includes other hacker groups and criminal organizations trying to gain power in San Fransisco’s underground. Players will also have to watch out for greedy companies who are trying to gain a corporate advantage.

Ubisoft is also stressing on the fact that there will multiple ways to play Watch Dogs 2. This means that players can take on a mission full guns blazing or under complete stealth. Ubisoft also showed off the game’s seamless online feature. Players may run into each other during the single-player campaign, and may team up to engage in the game’s cooperative mode.

Watch Dogs 2 will release on November 15th. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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