Into Halo as well as video game attire? Then you’ll be excited to find out that video game clothing company Musterbrand has launched a new line dedicated to Halo ahead of the release of the fifth main instalment later this year.

The line is titled the Halo Collection and incorporates a number of shirts, jackets, bags, and other such garments. If you’re really looking to splash the cash look no further than the Flight Deck Officer Jacket which costs $250 and is inspired by the Spartan armor, with the hood specifically being inspired by the Spartan helmet.

In case that’s not enough, you can also buy a longsleeve, UNSC-themed Catapult Jersey ($40), a UNSC Workout knit sweater ($90), a UNSC top-loader water-resistant bag ($70), or a UNSC Protector tube scarf ($34) to name a few.

Follow this link to check out what’s on offer for yourself, and let us know if you’ll be equipping yourself with any Halo-related clothing to get yourself in the mood for Halo 5!

HALO Collection

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