The surging popularity in ‘Escape Rooms’ has had an insane push in the world. Especially in Japan. It’s no wonder then that Capcom would create a fusion of the escape room concept with their latest title in the Ace Attorney series: Great Ace Attorney.

An ‘Escape Room’ if the term hasn’t crossed your minds yet is a location where you can grab a few friends or go alone, and pay to go into a room. Depending on location, there are several scenarios that you can select from. Once you’ve chosen the scenario, your role is to solve the puzzles and complete the objective in place for the provided scenario. This can range from finding the clues and figuring out the culprit or diffusing a bombs before it goes off or get out of the room in time before zombies wipe you out. There is no true danger, but this sort of thing definitely hits the spot for puzzle lovers and corporate team-bonding.

With Capcom’s little promotion, there are various puzzles in lieu with The Great Ace Attorney. Guests and participants will have to work together in groups to find contradictory evidence. They’ll have to show it to the ‘Judges’ who preside over that stage and see if the answers were correct. After which, they will be shepherded into an isolated room where it’s assumed there would be more puzzles. You can check out a quick look into the promotional event in the video below:

While what’s shown doesn’t demonstrate the exact nature of the escape room, there’s a scene that shows a blurred out room when the camera pans to it. According to the video, this room is the crime scene. I would hazard a guess that this would be the next sequence after piecing together contradictory evidence. The whole event is timed and there is no mention on whether there is an antagonistic force is the motive for the timer. Most of the details of the event are still under wrapped for the sake of not spoiling, but it is still an extraordinary collaborative promotion.

I wish these sorts of events would come over. That said, if you haven’t given the ‘Escape Room’ gimmick a try, it’s a definite worthwhile experience at least once in your life!

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