According to Madden NFL 16 statistics, Seahawks running back, Marshawn Lynch, is currently the top-rated running back in the game. However, despite Marshawn’s impressive 99 stiff arm, 98 trucking, and 89 strength, the Seahawks were still unhappy. The Seahawks let EA Sports know their displeasure by tweeting the developers.

Unexpectedly, EA Sports responded with the witty remark seen below. The tweek references the questionable play made by the Seahawks during the super bowl, where a pass from Russell Wilson was intercepted. EA suggests in the tweet that a pass off to Marshawn would have been the better play and possibly improved his statistics in Madden NFL 16.

In either case, the Seahawks are sure to be reluctant in the future about questioning any more of EA’s players statistics.

As for Madden NFL 16, players can expect to get the game on August, 25th for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3. In addition, Gamestop is releasing  an exlcusive Xbox One Madden bundle in August. The bundle includes a 1TB hard drive, a copy of Madden NFL 16, and a year subscription to EA Access for $400.

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