Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, Grand Tournament, will feature 50 neutral cards. Grand tournament is all about knights so you can expect jousting weapons, charging cavalry, and plenty of armored minions for your decks.

However, players can expect more than just new cards; Grand tournament introduces a new game mechanic as well, Inspire. Inspire is a new minion ability that’s activated by using hero powers. Many of the new neutral card get direct heath and attack buffs from inspire, but some cards can give players even stronger buffs like minion or spell draws. Inspire will finally add strategy to using hero powers.

In addition, Blizzard is introducing a number of neutral cards that gain buffs when comparing card draws. The mechanic works by having both players draw a card. If the player’s card beats his oppenent’s card, then he gets a bonus. For example, Armored Warhorse gains charge if you draw a card that costs more than your opponents.

For a preview of the new cards, feel free to visit here.

Grand Tournament will be released on August 24th, 2015. However, players can test out some of the new card in this week’s tavern brawl, which features exclusive Mage and Hunter decks.


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