Gaijinworks, developers of the upcoming PSP role-playing game Summon Night 5 are giving their fans a special treat by allowing them to vote on the UMD design of the limited edition physical version of the game.

If you follow the Gaijinworks on Twitter, you will notice them releasing design concepts for the UMD and asking fans to retweet if they like the design. The idea being the most retweeted will be the one used, although the developer gives no mention as to how many designs will actually be used in the end. There are more than a handful of designs already in their Twitter feed with even more coming through the remainder of August.

A digital version will hit the Playstation Store allowing PSVita owners the chance to play the game. However, a limited edition physical copy will be made available first for PSP owners with a ton of extra goodies including a multi-sided insert, full-color manual, one of two 14×19″ posters, a hologram, a code for the digital version and the full soundtrack on CD. Of course, it will also feature the winning design on the UMD.

You can pre-order the physical copy now for $41.99 plus $5.99 shipping to the USA (shipping varies to areas outside of the US). It will be released in the fall.

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