Original XboxWhile it might be tempting to post up all your original Xbox video games on Ebay, it might be a good idea to hold onto them for just a bit more. This summer people who hadn’t committed to a next-gen console were given a great reason to buy an Xbox One: backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games. This gave Xbox 360 owners a good reason to convert without having to lose their 360 games, as well as giving the Xbox One a huge library of playable games.

Now, in a Twitter exchange between Phil Spencer and a Hadlee Simons from Cape Town, South Africa, Spencer has confirmed that Microsoft is at least considering backwards compatibility with original Xbox games.

xbox one backwards compatibilityWhether this musing by Spencer is actually put into practice in the future is both unknown and unconfirmed. But it is nice to see him thinking about all possibilities for the Xbox One in improving it’s base functionality and adding new functions to keep it as updated and competitive as possible.


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