The recently announced screenshot feature for the Xbox One, included in this month’s preview program, is already being put to good use. One user has used the feature to create panorama shots by stitching together multiple images of one location. The result is nothing short of impressive and gorgeous.

Reddit user ‘Tastybread’ has uploaded his panoramas of Halo 4 and Far Cry 4, two particularly good choices in terms of the Xbox One’s library, given their impressive graphics and open vistas. One image of Halo 4 still has HUD elements, but Tastybread used the campaign’s ‘Blind’ skull to turn them off for the latter panoramas.

Far Cry 4 panorama 2

Far Cry 4 panorama 2

Halo 4 panorama 1

Halo 4 panorama 2

Halo 4 panorama 3

The panoramas were created by snapping the screenshots, uploading them to Twitter via the Xbox One’s Upload app, downloading them onto Tastybread’s phone and editing them together using Autostitch. Another user pointed out that you can also use Microsoft’s Photosynth to stitch them together online.

Setting up panoramas with multiple screenshots stitched together would be difficult as it is, so I can imagine doing so within a video game would be just as difficult; time-consuming at the least. The wonder of the screenshot feature is that it offers a different perspective on enjoying a game, forcing one to slow down and appreciate the world-building and design that goes into their favourite titles – a wonder that these panorama shots beautifully portray.

It will be interesting to see the other uses people find for the Xbox One’s screenshot feature, especially once it becomes available to the public with the March update.

For more information on how the Xbox One’s screenshots work, read here.

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