Overwatch has been a staggering success, and the latest numbers prove this even further: Overwatch now has over 20 million registered users.

This is even more impressive when considering that the game released in May, and as of August they had 15 million players, and 10 million players in June. This is also a game which sold out on Amazon within 5 days of its release; the numbers surrounding it have always been impressive.

Constant updates and consistent evidence of listening to players is at least partially to thank for the game’s continued success as the community continues to grow. Blizzard only just released a Halloween set of skins and other customization options, not to mention a specialized tower defense brawl. Evidence of a new hero, Sombra, releasing in the next few weeks has also stoked Overwatch fervor. The gameplay is incredible, but the fact that good costume designs can bring players back in so quickly speaks to the game’s aesthetic quality, as well.

It’s clear that players also are staying with the game for the long haul; one player claims to have reached level 1000 in the game. For context, the player, Tazzerk, also claims that he has played Overwatch about 16 hours a day since the game’s release– that’s around 1,600 hours of gameplay before Tazzerk reached this achievement.

Overwatch is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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