Thanks to a leaked blog post that has appeared on Reddit, we may have gotten our first look at Overwatch’s next playable character, Sombra.

An image that appears in the blog post shows off Sombra’s character model. The image will reportedly be a part of an internal blog post that will go live when Overwatch’s Halloween event begins. According to the post, Sombra is one of the world’s best hackers, and worked with the Los Muertos gang in Mexico until she gained too much attention and was forced to go underground. The Halloween event in Overwatch launched today. However, Blizzard has not stated anything yet.


Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event launched today, during which players will be able to pick up Halloween Loot Boxes that can contain at least one Halloween skin, spray, highlight intro, emote, victory pose, player icon, voice line, or credits that can be used to unlock other items. There will be more than 100 Halloween items to be found. Players will also be able to purchase some of the cosmetics from the Hero Gallery using credits. If one of the Loot Boxes contains an item that has already been obtained, the player will instead receive coins. The event is supposed to last until November 1st.

Overwatch is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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