Sony’s PlayStation Experience event gave gamers a lot to look forward to for the upcoming year. Few things were quite as surprising as the announcement of Knack 2. A trailer featuring gameplay that shows off the newest features added to the series appeared during the event. The colorful and creative world of Knack returns to PlayStation 4 better than ever before.

When looking that the trailer, it seems that there have been a large number of improvements that have been made to game’s combat. In the trailer, we see that Knack now has new abilities that will allow for more variety in combat. This will hopefully provide for a combat system with a bit more depth than the original game had. It also looks as though the game will stay true to its focus on platforming and puzzle solving. We did not get to see anything involving the game’s story however.

The biggest addition to the series is the introduction of co-op. The game incorporates a variety of combination attacks that partners can utilize to take out enemies as well as skills that are key to traverse around levels. Knack released for PlayStation 4 in 2013 and was one of the consoles mainline launch titles.

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