Tazzerk, a French player of Overwatch for PC, claims to be the first player to reach level 1000 in the team-based FPS. He originally announced his achievement to the world via Twitter, and despite an apparent account on Asian servers with a higher rank, maintains his achievement is more legitimate in an interview with Eurogamer.

He posted his initial celebratory tweet on September 3.

Translated, the tweet basically reads, “I’m finally the World’s First lvl1000 in Overwatch. Next Step: World First gold!”

Not long after, another user posted a screen capture of a Asian account with a golden player portrait and a star underneath it, signifying the player must have hit level 1400.

“It’s impossible to get 300/400 more levels than me,” he tells Eurogamer. Tazzerk claims to play around 16 to 17 hours of Overwatch daily, and that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to surpass him by such a wide margin. Instead, Tazzerk figures, the Asian account is shared by multiple players.

He may have a point, considering the official leaderboards at Master Overwatch place Tazzerk in the number one spot, well above other plays with a level of 1069 at the time of publishing. The number two spot belongs to 모까쪼꼬 with a level of 934, which means that Tazzerk is ahead of second place by 135 levels.

Although Tazzerk has made impressive progress, he still has plenty of work ahead of him. The last character portrait doesn’t unlock until level 1890, and Tazzerk aims to reach it first.

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