While we still don’t have any hard numbers for exactly how well Overwatch is doing, there’s one metric that points to it doing incredibly well. Overwatch actually managed to sell-out on Amazon for a short time.

Spotted by Destructoid, the shortage has since been rectified. While Amazon has PC versions of the game available however, both the PS4 and Xbox One versions are only available from other sellers, and therefore not eligible for Amazon Prime. If that wasn’t enough, the actual prices of the PS4 and Xbox One version sit higher than retail, $62.85 and $61.64 respectively, at the time of writing.

A 6v6 competitive game, Overwatch is the first new IP from Blizzard in 17 years and it has already received an astonishing amount of praise. “On the surface Overwatch is Blizzard’s latest IP, a Team Fortress 2 style first person shooter set in Modern Fantasy times. But the character, diversity, and strength of its design elevates it beyond just being more of the same,” our review explains.

Are you one of the many people who have jumped into Overwatch? Or is the fact it’s a full-priced multiplayer only game still just too hard to look past? Let us know in the comments.

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