Zombie UZombi (Zombie U) is no longer an Wii U exclusive.

Zombi  is now available for the Ps4, Xbox One, and PC. On August 17th Ubisoft Australia revealed the gameplay of Zombi‘s PS4 version. The people playing the zombie game are not the most proficient players, but the video will be linked below.

ZombiU was released back in 2012 for the Wii U. The title didn’t get any outstanding reviews. There wasn’t much story to be had in Zombie U, but the idea of the game was cool. You start out in a subway station, and a voice, coming from a PA system, starts to send you on missions.

When your character is killed, he or she is permanently dead. The character then becomes an infected corpse. You are then given a new character, and pick up from where you left off with the story. After obtaining a new character, you can kill and loot your last character to get back your old items.  IGN believed, “The game has all these great ideas, but it doesn’t have the gameplay or polish to back them up.”  IGN reviewed the game for a 6.3 out of 10.

Hopefully, Zombi made some improvements on ZombiU. After watching a comparison between the PS4 and Wii U graphics, I mainly noticed that the graphics do look better in the newer version. Also the lighting looks like it was done better for the PS4 than the Wii U version.

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