Nazi-zombie-slayer-sim Zombie Army Trilogy is being updated with all of the Left 4 Dead survivors as playable characters.

A free PC update to the steam version of Zombie Army Trilogy has added all eight of the Left 4 Dead survivors as playable. This doubles the playable character roster to sixteen. Alongside the original eight on the roster, you can now pick between Left 4 Dead’s Francis, Bill, Zoey and Louis as well as Left 4 Dead 2’s Coach, Rochelle, Nick and Ellis.

Although Zombie Army Trilogy is set in the wake of World War 2, there is a British comic by AD 2000 to explain how all the characters got together. Just to make sense of the fact these modern-day survivors are knocking elbows with WW2-era soldiers slaying zombie nazis; wouldn’t want any confusion. You can grab it for free here.

Zombie Army Trilogy was released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC back in March. The game is comprised  of remastered versions of the two Nazi Zombie Army DLC packages that were released by developer Rebellion and a brand new campaign. Despite the multi-platform releases, only the PC version is getting this free update.

To celebrate the new cast, Zombie Army Trilogy is currently 66% off on Steam, costing only $15.29. A four=pack perfect for co-op with your friends is also available for $45.89.

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