Some huge names are coming to WWE 2K16. 2K Sports recently confirmed that characters such as The Rock, Andre The Giant, and The Undertaker will be making an appearance in WWE 2K16. The game will feature double the number of characters in WWE 2K15. Check out this list for all recently announced characters.


. Andre The Giant

. Aiden English

. Batista

. Chris Jericho

. Curtis Axel


. Erick Rowan

. Fandango

. John “Bradshaw” Layfield

. Luke Harper

. Randy Savage

. Natalya

. Ravishing Rick Rude

. R-Truth

. Ryback

. Santino Marella

. Sergeant Slaughter

. Simon Gotch

. Stephanie McMahon

. The Rock

. The Undertaker

With a full roster of 120 playable characters, WWE 2K16 will have the biggest roster in the history of the franchise. WWE 2K16 slams onto Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3 on October 27. DLC character Arnold Schwarzenegger is being included as a preorder bonus.

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