AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead premiered this past Sunday to a record breaking audience. Viewership reached over 10 million viewers for premier, making Fear The Walking’s pilot the most watched series launch in television history. People really do like their zombies. The Walking Dead’s 2010 premier only reached about 5.4 million viewers.

The show, which is set to act as a prequel of sorts to TWD’s Zombie apocalypse, takes place in Los Angeles, focusing on a family who is just trying to survive as society collapses around them. While the first season of Fear The Walking Dead is only set for 6 episodes, AMC is promising a full 13 episodes in seasons to come, similar to The Walking Dead.

Many fans were skeptical that a spin-off of a mega-popular show such as The Walking Dead could be successful, but if the numbers of viewers for the premier are any indication, AMC just might have another hit on it’s hands.

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