You can expect the newest version of Apple TV to be heavily focused on gaming according to a new article by The New York Times.

The anonymous insiders told the Times that the new Apple TV will contain hardware that is capable of displaying high quality graphics. They also noted that the product will start at $150, just over twice as much as the current $70 model.

The new device will also be synced with a remote that doubles as a controller. Users will be able to access the App Store through Apple TV to purchase and download games.

Anonymous sources “with knowledge of the product” have stated that  Apple TV will also have support Bluetooth as well as other third party devices. The controller is also said to have physical buttons, motion sensors, and a touch-pad interface.

9to5Mac says that, “For gaming purposes, the remote control will have the built-in motion sensors introduced in the iPhone, so that it can be used as a steering wheel for car racing titles and similar games.”

Apple has yet to confirm these rumors.

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