The Australian Classification Board shows that Ubisoft has submitted a new Xbox One title called Zombi” for classification. For a while now there has been rumors of ZombiU heading to other consoles, this new discovery gives credence to that rumor. Since the game is on Xbox One rather than the Wii U it would be expected to drop the “U” at the end of the title.

ZombiU was released on November 8th, 2012 for the WiiU. ZombiU is a zombie horror survivor title that pins you against a large number of zombies, where you must fight to survive.

It is also important to note that Ubisoft’s first published game was titled Zombi. This could mean that the Xbox One is getting an arcade version of that game rather than a port of ZombiU.

If it turns out that the new title is a recreation of ZombiU for the Xbox One, it will be interesting to know how they will make the game work without the gamepad. The gamepad was integral to the original game on the WiiU.

There is no mention of a PS4 version as of now, we will let you know if anything changes.


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