This year’s E3 event is just a short time away. We know when Sony will be holding their presentation for this year’s E3, and are anticipating what the company will bring. Here are a few things that I hope Sony shows off at this year’s E3.

1. PS Vita Support

When Sony executive Andrew House called the PlayStation Vita a “legacy platform,” Sony quickly clarified that he was referring to the first generation Vita model. It was mentioned that their portable business will be continued. Sony needs to show that this is true. And they need to show more than just multi-platform indie titles. I want to see some new PS Vita exclusives, some commitment to the platform. Sony needs to give gamers a reason to buy the Vita, and a reason for current owners to stay on.


2. No Man’s Sky

Sony recently decided to fully back Hello Games’ upcoming title as one of their own. Now I want to see what this is doing for the game. I would love a new trailer, as well as a release date. No Man’s Sky was projected to have a 2015 release, so it would be nice for Sony to give the game a date for later this year. It was announced that there would not be many PlayStation 4 exclusives this year, so it would be nice if this was one of the few.


3. Bring Back the Classics

There are rumors of a new Crash Bandicoot being in development. There is a re-imagining of Ratchet and Clank on the way. I want to see Sony bring back some of their classic series in new ways. They have a number of classic franchises that could make a great comeback. I would love another MediEvil or PaRappa the Rapper title tuned up for our modern age of gaming. These sorts of games used to be the faces of the PlayStation brand, and I would love for Sony to bring them back with full strength.


4. No HD Remakes

This is something I really do not want to see. There has been too many HD Remakes being released on all consoles, and I really feel we do not need anymore. There are already two big re-releases coming out soon after E3 (Devil May Cry 4 and God of War III), and I hope that no other HD releases are announced. Rather than giving time to HD Remasters, Sony should showcase something that brings a new experience to their current consoles.


5. Persona 5

This is probably the JRPG geek in me, but I would love to see Persona 5 at Sony’s E3 conference. Persona 5 has the potential to be a great PlayStation exclusive title in a time when Sony could use some exclusive titles in their library. Other great JRPGs that could have been PlayStation exclusives (Kingdom Hearts III for example) will be arriving on other consoles, making Persona 5 one of their bigger titles. Hopefully we will see more game play and mechanics for Persona 5, and maybe get a release date as well.


6. PSone and PS2 Games on PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now has seemed enticing to me now that the service can be a monthly subscription rather than have just the ridiculous rental fees. While PlayStation Now has a good selection of titles, I feel the addition of PSone and PS2 titles could make the service greater. E3 could be a great time for Sony to announce that they are bringing classic games from the older consoles to PlayStation Now. It would be great for the PlayStation 4 to have complete backwards compatibility for all the past consoles that have released so far.


7. Last Guardian

This is something that is on my list for announcements that Sony can make every year. And it will probably stay on my yearly list until we get an official cancellation. Sony does not even have to go into full detail on the game. I just want them to show a little bit of the title, and give us a release window on when it is coming. Sony can tell us that it is coming to the PlayStation 4, and give us more reassurance in the game than the occasional remark that the title is still in development. I just want Sony to stop cruelly leading us on with this title.



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