Players of the original Gears of War might remember their ears being caressed by the sickest of beats when the credits rolled. Players were graced by The Cole Train Rap, a collection of quotes by fan-favorite character Augustus Cole, played over a beat. It’s a real banger.

Apparently someone at Microsoft or Epic Games thought it wasn’t enough of a banger, because fans were recently treated to the bigger, better, phatter Cole Train Rap II. Bathe in it’s splendor.

The video was released on Xbox’s official Youtube Channel on the same day that Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition was released. Ultimate Edition is a remaster of the 2006 third-person shooter, updated to 1080p and 60 fps. Packaged with the game is new content, such as campaign levels never released on Xbox 360, as well as early access to the Gears Of War 4 beta.

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