Holy smokes Batman… You’re a bearded middle-aged man in jeans and a polo shirt! Or you can be, in the latest PC mod for Batman: Arkham Knight created by Tchi6, which allows you to play as the game’s director Sefton Hill.

Despite the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight having a rocky start just over a month ago – and with Rocksteady not yet having a patch to make the game work properly, probably not until September – fans have come out with some pretty interesting and hilarious mods. There’s even one that allows you to play and explore Gotham as long time Batfam servant, Alfred.

So yes, you can play as Rocksteady co-founder Sefton Hill; he has superhero agility and strength, in case you thought that replacing the Batman with this guy wasn’t ridiculous enough. If becoming the director on the streets of Gotham tickles your fancy, you can download the mod here. As always, though, download mods with caution, especially on a game that doesn’t run correctly to begin with.

News of the mod has reached Hill himself, who Favorited a tweet of a video from YouTuber Heitor Fraga playing the mod. You can check out the video for extra information and features by following this link.


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