Had enough of remasters yet? This year alone we’ve seen rereleases of Dishonored, Devil May Cry 4, and later this year Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection will be coming out on PS4. But it seems Criterion Games won’t be doing the same to their Burnout series, saying they are working on, “newer, even better things.”

The quote in question was taken as an answer to a question on their Twitter feed. A fan was asking about the possibility of the developer polishing up their driving series for current-gen consoles, to which Criterion claimed there were no plans anytime soon for either a bundle of their games or even an HD touch-up of their 2008 title, Burnout: Paradise. However, they do hope that the latter will eventually be made backwards compatible for the Xbox One since the game isn’t on the list of titles available when that update for Microsoft’s console goes live in November.

As for the “newer, even better things” Criterion claims they are working on, that is very likely the truth. Back at E3 of 2014, they showed off a trailer for some sort of extreme sports game with all manner of vehicles and even wingsuits. Judging by the fact that no other information has come out at this year’s E3, they’re most likely hard at work.

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