Dark Souls 3 will be reusing some elements of the prior two games, according to developer From Software. Director and president of From Software Hidetaka Miyazaki has provided more details.

The ability to fast travel from the beginning, as it was in Dark Souls 2, will be returning. A durability system will also be returning, with some tweaks.

“I personally think the weapons in Dark Souls 2 break a little to easily,” Miyazaki said. “This was implemented intending for the players to try out many types of weapons, but even so, I felt they broke too quickly. However, in Dark Souls 1, they didn’t break enough..”

As for summons, Dark Souls 3 will be sticking with summon signs instead of the bells that were used for Bloodbourne. Hidden walls will also only appear if attacked, as Miyazaki wants to create a sense of “surprise discovery”.

The From Software president also stated that the usual slew of spells will return, but redesigned with different characteristics to feature different play styles.

In a similar fashion to Dark Souls 2, New Game + will introduce new enemies and items while changing the locations of preexisting ones.

Prepare to die (again) as Dark Souls 3 is slated to hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One in early 2016

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