The Final Fantasy series is known for a number of things. The legendary RPG franchise began in 1987 (1990 in North America), and has been known for its music, stories, and characters. But it has also become known amongst gamers for its enemies, and the wide variety that they have come in.

However, there have been a number of enemies that have appeared in multiple games in the series, and have become a big part of the franchise. Below is a list of the top recurring enemies in the Final Fantasy series.

7.) Bomb

Final Fantasy

Bombs are monsters who live up to their namesake: they blow up. First appearing in Final Fantasy II, Bombs are some of the most common enemies in the series. However, they can become very dangerous if left on the battlefield long enough. When they take damage, they inflate. When they get big enough, they blow up, usually taking a party member with them. Though the Bomb’s most iconic look is the round, orange ball of fire, the monster has taken a few different forms since being introduced. The Bomb has even shown up as a summon to aid players.

6.) Behemoth

Final Fantasy

Like Bombs, Behemoths have become a staple in the Final Fantasy series. These fearsome enemies first appeared in Final Fantasy II, and usually appear during the later stages of the games that they appear in. These purple furred beasts are incredibly powerful, and can wipe out an ill-prepared party. Behemoths have also shown up as bosses, and can be known to counter attacks with an attack of their own. One such instance was the demo for Final Fantasy XV, Episode Duscae, where players are tasked with defeating a massive Behemoth named Deadeye. There can also be a more powerful version of these beasts, often called the King Behemoth. Just know that if you come across a Behemoth, you can be in for a tough fight.

5.) Malboro

Final Fantasy

Malboros can be some of the most dangerous enemies that you can come across in Final Fantasy. Their Bad Breath attack causes just about every status infliction known in the game, and can cause trouble for any party not ready for them. Malboros first appeared in Final Fantasy II, and have since been a grotesque and tentacled staple in the series, and will even be appearing in Final Fantasy XV. In some games these monstrosities even let out a creepy laugh, letting you know you might be screwed. In many of the titles that Malboros appear in, however, you can obtain Bad Breath as a technique of your own. Overall, Malboros are a nightmare, and can be the cause of many game over screens.

4.) Omega Weapon

Final Fantasy

The Omega Weapon is a superboss that has appeared in a number of Final Fantasy titles. First making an appearance in Final fantasy V, the Omega Weapon is an optional boss that can be very tough to defeat. A part of the various Weapon bosses that appear throughout the series and movies, including Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Omega Weapon is the most formidable of the group. Its appearance can vary, as it sometimes shows up as a four-legged machine, while having a more centaurian look in other instances. Omega Weapon can be the hardest boss in the games that it appears in, rivaling the final bosses in some cases. Sometimes the only reward you receive for defeating this massively powerful enemy is the Proof of Omega, which does nothing but grant the player bragging rights. But those rights feel pretty damn good.

3.) Cactuar

Final Fantasy

At first, you would not think much of the Cactuar. These goofy little creatures only have two poses, and don’t seem very dangerous. However, once you get past the Cactuar’s goofy exterior, you will see that these little guys can be tough to defeat. First appearing in Final Fantasy VI, Cactuars have extremely high agility, and will attack with either the 1,000 Needles or 10,000 Needles attacks, which do the said amount of damage. Often times though, you still want to engage Cactuars, as they reward the player with high amounts of Gil or ability points. The Cactuar has also shown up as a mustached superboss, and can be used as a summoning in Final Fantasy VIII. In Final Fantasy XIV, the odd creatures also take up a form different than normal, being more flexible and goofy, and are called Sabotenders. Despite their simpleness, any Final Fantasy player will remember running into these odd creatures.

2.) Bahamut

Final Fantasy

Anyone who has played a Final Fantasy title will know of Bahamut. A series staple since the first Final Fantasy, Bahamut is usually one of the most powerful summonings that players can earn. Much like Shiva and Ifrit, Bahamut is one of the more recognizable elements of the series, appearing as one of the most common bosses of the franchise. Often times, in order to obtain him as a summon, players must defeat Bahamut in battle. He has also shown up as a storyline boss in a few of the games, and even has a raid based on him in Final Fantasy XIV. Like many of the enemies on this list, Bahamut has had a variety of forms throughout the series, though he usually retains his iconic Megaflare attack. Just know that if you are playing a Final Fantasy title, you are likely going to run into Bahamut in some shape or form.

1.) Tonberry

Final Fantasy

The Tonberry is a deceptive mix of cute and deadly. First appearing in Final Fantasy V, Tonberrys will slowly approach the party during battle. When they reach the party, they will stab a character with the knife that they carry, either critically injuring the character or straight killing them. They can also counter attacks with Everyone’s Grudge, which does more damage for every monster that the player has killed. Despite being so adorable, they are incredibly formidable. There are also stronger variants of the Tonberry that can be encountered later in the game, bearing a star or crown over their heads to denote their higher rank. The creature can even be used as a summon in Final Fantasy VIII after defeating the King Tonberry. While they rarely have a backstory, Final Fantasy XIV’s tonberries were an ancient civilization that were turned into the creatures through a mysterious plague. Ever since inception, these enemies have been a series staple, and can be said to be one of the most recognizable enemies that the franchise has.

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