Borderlands can be added to the ever growing list of film adaptions for the video game industry, as Lionsgate has decided to move forward with the project.

The man responsible for the script, Aaron Berg, has only one credit on IMBD: G.I. Joe 3. Arad Productions hired Berg for helping them create a more edgy, and hopefully R rated take on the video games.

Borderlands was released back in 2009, and since then has had several installments in the series. The game even has a spinoff created by Telltale, called Tales from the Borderlands. When first announcing the project, Arad Productions said that the game was great for making a film because of its narrative. “Borderlands has a unique story-driven narrative energy and rich multi-dimensional characters that position it to become a singular motion picture event,”

Trying to bank on the popularity of the newest Mad Max, they’re hoping Borderlands will be reminiscent of the film.

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