Destiny’s most recently released update, 2.0, is launching with a few technical issues on both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360, and Bungie is investigating the problems.

“We are aware of Xbox users reporting issues downloading Destiny update 2.0” announced Bungie on Twitter. “Thank you for patience as we investigate.” Update 2.0 includes a new experience system replacing the old Light system, as well as a new scheduled event, the Armsday.

Update 2.0 is not the only Destiny related product encountering problems this week, as some players are also reporting issues with downloading Destiny’s big upcoming expansion, The Taken King.

The issues with The Taken King refer to the downloading of in-game bonuses, including armour shaders and emblems that were promised to players as pre-order bonuses for certain editions of The Taken King expansion. “We are aware and investigating”, Bungie reassured fans on Twitter.