At the PC Gamer E3 show SCS Software unveiled new footage of their follow-up to the surprisingly popular Euro Truck Simulator. A new teaser trailer for American Truck Simulator was shown off on stage.

Earlier this year SCS Software revealed an hour of alpha game footage however SCS Software says that this is no longer relevant as the game has progressed quite far since that footage was recorded.

It was revealed that American Truck Simulator was created using Google Maps making the game almost spot on with it’s driving routes. The teaser showed off a few locations available in game including cities such as Las Vegas, New York and San Francisco while showing a few different brands of trucks available such as a Volvo and a Perterbilt.

American Truck Simulator has a website up and running for trucking simulator fans to check out while they want for more news on the game.

While no release date or quarter was given a Steam page for the game is already up without a release date on it. There must be plans for American Truck Simulator to be released this year or else SCS Software got the game onto Steam far too early and will be leaving fans to waiting for the long haul.

There has also been no confirmation just yet as to what platforms the game will be available for, the game will be on PC of course but there has been no mention of Mac or Linux support just yet.

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