Major fantasy sports site, DraftKings will be adding support for competitive gaming as its next fantasy sport. The site will allow players to pick a lineup of pro-gamers and compete with others for real money based on their professional performances. It will exactly mimic the site’s model for traditional sports including football, baseball, and soccer.

In October, eSports fans can use the service in its debut event, the League of Legends World Championship. The company also claims to have signed partnerships with six unnamed gaming teams. Though the League of Legends event is the only confirmed event so far, we may see them add in Dota 2 and Counter-Strike support as well.

DraftKings hopes to take advantage of the huge growth we are seeing in eSports over the past few years. The site, however, is only available in the US and Canada, so the millions of eSports fans around the globe will have to use another fantasy eSports service. DraftKings has spoken out that they hope to expand globally in the near future: “We certainly have global ambitions here and want to be operating in as many countries as possible and as quickly as possible. The long game here is really tied in more with our international strategy.”

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