It seems as though Youtuber NerdCubed has gotten into a scuffle with Australian game developer ODD Games. The issue revolves around the developer’s game, Monster Truck Destruction. The game was originally a mobile game that received a PC port to Stream last year.

When the game first released on the platform, it suffered from supbar graphics, cumbersome controls, and a user interface that was not PC friendly. Simply, it did not receive the adjustments it needed to make the leap from mobile to PC, and as a result, received negative reviews from gamers. Daniel Hardcastle, a YouTuber known as NerdCubed, released a video highlighting the issues that existed in the game during the time of its released.

Long after the video’s release, ODD Games has gone back and addressed these issues via patching. The story should have ended there, but recently the developer contacted NerdCubed via email, requesting that he remove the video about their game from his channel, claiming that the video states incorrect facts that can be seen as defamatory.

They have given him 48 hours to remove the video, or they would seek legal action. NerdCubed has since then released a video in response to this email. Currently there is still no word on how the issue will be resolved.

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