Erik Todd Dellums – voice actor of radio DJ Three Dog in Fallout 3 and all-round commentator of the wasteland – has not been doing any voice work for Fallout 4, despite dropping hints at the games existence before it was officially announced. This means that Three Dog won’t be in Fallout 4.

The actor says he hopes that his hint-dropping was not the reason for him not to be included by Fallout 4, hinting that Bethesda didn’t want him to make those initial comments on Twitter two years ago. Dellums had this to say on the matter.

“Disappointments and challenges come. But so do miracles and blessings. Still honored to share with you. Time to reflect, pray and energize. Taking a break to gain wisdom and direction. Be well and loving. Peace.”

Are you disappointed that Three Dog won’t be included in Fallout 4 or are you looking forward to enjoying the game with a group of new characters and voices?

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