Approximately 2 years back, Peter Molyneux, founder of 22Cans promised the world the most incredible and life changing gift for the person who would reach the centre of his cube; Curiosity. The mobile app was unravelled on the 26th of May 2013 by a young 18-year-old Scot Bryan Henderson. The prize was basically full participation in the proceedings of their next game Godus and royalties on the game.

3 years on and aside from an invitation to a conference call, a visit to the studio and received a freebie shirt Bryan has yet to hear further from 2Cans or from Peter. In an interview with Wesley Yin-Poole, Scot detailed his experience with his dealings with 22Cans and Peter.

With Scot’s very mature reaction to being effectively shafted by the company and stress hounding down on Peter by news outlets, he offered his sincerest apologies and tried to explain the lack of communication, the delay in content and the struggles his company is facing despite the successful kickstarter.

Publicity with Peter has taken a very downward fall from grace from his golden age; could this be the swift kick up his behind to do what needs to be done, properly?

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