If you’re still yet to jump into the current generation of home consoles, you’re in luck – retailer GameStop has revived their amazing Xbox One trade-in offer, allowing you to get Microsoft’s PS4 challenger for as little as $250.

It’s really simple, too. You trade in a PS3 (120GB or more) or Xbox 360 (250GB or more) and you get $100 credit towards your shiny new black box. Effective from now, the promotion runs till September 20th. Even so, check your nearest stores for the promotions before you make the trek to surrender your previous-gen baby.

The Xbox One trade-up offer was originally rolled out during GameStop’s “Summer of Savings” earlier this year, but it’s a clever way of boosting sales now we’re heading fast into the winter release window of all the hit franchises and potential early holiday purchases.

Sadly though, there’s no $40 extra to build a bundle of your own to take home and play right out of the box, but it’s still a great deal. With Games with Gold allowing previous-gen users to build a library of games even without having the console, it couldn’t be a better time to pick up an Xbox One.

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