The Steam Summer Sale has officially launched today and the ‘monster’ sale will be running until June 21st.

This years theme is ‘monster’ and with the sale comes a special minigame where the Steam community comes together in order to unlock additional sales. Users need to collect all 10 Steam Summer Sale trading cards to craft the Summer Sale badge. Doing this they can then play a minigame to help their team level up, unlock abilities and achieve community milestones. Reaching these milestones will unlock more discounts for all Steam users.

The sale has kicked off with daily deals on Metro and Xcom Franchises, Don’t Starve, Grand Theft Auto Series, Farming Simulator 2015, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and more.

Twelve hour flash sales are also already in progress with the first batch including: Darksiders Franchise, Mirror’s Edge, Paper’s Please and the Magic & Might Franchise,

Games are already being seen on sale for 75% or higheroff such as Portal, Battleblock Theatre and Left 4 Dead franchise.

Many more games will be hitting the flash and daily sales over the next 10 days for the Steam Summer Sale. Steam servers were overloaded when the sale initially began but things look to be smoothing out now making it officially safe to begin raiding and purchasing more games to add to your backlogs.

If there’s any games you’re watching for be sure to keep an eye on the sales, build up your wishlist and download the Steam app which will alert you when there’s a game in your wishlist that’s on sale.

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