Thanks to the quick thinking denizens of the internet, there is a proven way of unlocking the 9 days item lock in Super Mario Maker. The 9 day item locks is to allow budding level creators to familiarize themselves with each component slowly. To some this is a needless precaution Nintendo has put in place. To these people, you can send thanks to Jeff Grubb from GamesBeat for their video on how to unlock all items on the first day.

As a quick run down, here’s the steps:

  1. Play and create levels for 5-10 minutes until a window pops up saying an item will be unlocked tomorrow
  2. Exit Super Mario Maker and go to the Wii U menu
  3. Open up System Settings
  4. Change the date/time on the Wii U gamepad to at least one whole day (past midnight)
  5. Turn Super Mario Maker back on
  6. Hit ‘Make’ and a window will pop up saying that the item has been unlocked.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 another 8-9 times

And that would enable your to have access to every feature. That said, as Jeff has said in the video, it’s advised that this isn’t done as the purpose of this limitation to begin with is beneficial and allows for players to fully grasp how to use everything at a slow and steady pace. Doing this is at the players discretion and it’s totally understandable if you do just want to get everything and start composing levels.

How do you feel about the item/feature daily unlocks? Would you undergo this small bit of tedium to unlock everything at once or let it unlock naturally? Let us know below!

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