There’s no denying the huge impact that Halo has had on the video game industry since its inception way back in 2001. Heck, any franchise that warrants its own remastered collection and is considered a system-seller is likely to have a lot going for it, but is it the Star Wars equivalent of video games, as Aaron Greenberg – head of global marketing at Microsoft – recently suggested?

In a recent interview conducted by Gamespot, Greenberg had this to say on the matter…

“What’s really so special about Halo, and people will feel it the moment they start playing the campaign, is just the richness of the universe and the story and it’s very much like what Star Wars is to movies, Halo is to games. You have that special sauce–it’s unlike anything else.”

That’s certainly a bold claim considering the overwhelming success that Star Wars has achieved in the film industry. Nevertheless, it’s exciting to have both franchises back on the map, with Halo 5 Guardians hot off the shelves and Star Wars Episode VII releasing on December 18th.

But would you consider one to be bigger than the other? Let us know.

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