Released yesterday worldwide, Metal Gear Solid V is experiencing server connection issues, directly affecting the games Forward Operating Base mode.

The Forward Operating Base mode, or FOB, is currently the only online portion of Metal Gear Solid V available, since the standard multiplayer mode will be released in the coming weeks. Server connection issues are stopping some from accessing FOB however, and Konami has stated it is working out the problems immediately.

The official Konami Twitter account stated “We are currently experiencing server connection issues, so the following temporary measures have been taken to remedy the problem: 1) number of missions listed in the FOB mission list has decreased, 2) displaying of info regarding win/loss, points, supporting/supporters and heroism have been disabled in the FOB mission list.”

The Twitter account continued with “3) number of missions listed in the online combat deployment menu has been decreased. We deeply apologise for the inconvenience and are working hard with all parties to bring these features back as soon as possible.”

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