Ask anyone and they’ll tell you Gravity is for losers. Anti-Gravity? That’s the future, and the future is Formula Fusion.

When Sony shut Studio Liverpool in 2012, many of us had just one question. What about WipEout? Arguably one of the most iconic Sony brands; the game that helped Playstation explode onto the scene. The game that got into nightclubs – and belonged there. The game that introduced me to fire starting, twisted.. well, you know the rest.

Sony still owns the IP, so a new WipEout isn’t out of the question. However, it would no longer be in the hands of Studio Liverpool, the core of which has worked on the franchise for over fifteen years – going back to when the studio was Psygnosis, and WipEout was a launch title for the original Playstation.

Fear not though, we may be getting a spiritual successor early 2016 titled Formula Fusion. R8 Games has taken to Kickstarter to fund this new WipEout in disguise. The title will be released for the PC, with Linux, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Vita stretch goals in place.

What does R8 Games know about making a futuristic AG racing game?
It’s a new studio made up of talent that has worked on a number of WipEout games through the years. In terms of pedigree, here’s what their website has to say:

The names that we can confirm at this stage, we are a team primarily made up of Psygnosis Leeds that developed Wip3out.

The track development team:

  • Mat Garey – Stanza Inter and Hi Fumi
  • Nick Phillips – Manor Top and Mega Mall
  • Andrew Walker – Sampa Run, Terminal, Wip3out Special Edition, and the Japanese edition prototype tracks

There are also other ex-Wipeout designers that we can’t confirm yet, due to this being early stages and not fully established – hence a Kickstarter. In addition to this we have a selection of carefully chosen veterans and graduate talent.

So the development team is taken care of, but WipEout was more than just solid game mechanics. Few games can claim to have such an iconic image that WipEout can. Collaborations with The Designers Republic, and music composer Tim Wright aka CoLD SToRAGE, helped make the WipEout style that is so recognizable. And they’re on board for the Formula Fusion project.

The required elements seem to be in place. Will Formula Fusion deliver?
As with any Kickstarter there are no guarantees. But it’s looking promising. Set in 2075, Formula Fusion is the new Formula 1. Petroleum is out, anti-gravity is in. Weapons are also in, it wouldn’t be a dystopian future without life or death sports entertainment, would it.
Here’s the ‘low down’ on the Kickstarter page:

Begin your career, upgrade your craft, advance through the classes, and earn your place as champion.

  • Coming soon to PC Windows! – Mac OS, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita Stretch Goals!
  • Features 21 tracks across seven stunningly themed environments plus a final battle arena, ‘Main Stadium’
  • Single-player, multiplayer, split-screen and competitive esports
  • Custom music, skin creator and team builder.
  • Immersive soundtrack featuring Dub FX, CoLD SToRAGE and to-be-announced artists.
  • No pay-to-win or subscriptions.
  • Real world sponsors, plus a rich in-game universe created by The
  • Designers Republic and VFX/Concept Artist Cenay Oekman (credited on titles such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Inception).

What else can you look forward to?
Traveling at heart pounding speeds around mind bending tracks for one of the ten official teams, or creating your own using the team builder.

In your team garage you can tinker with your craft to suit your play style. Here you’ll receive F1-esque data feedback after races allowing you to better understand which alterations are needed to improve your racing. Doing so will allow you to progress through the five craft classes.

A variety of game modes across single-player and online, all running at 60fps and as you’d expect it looks stunning.

And of course as mentioned above, a delightful selection of weapons to obliterate other pilots. To learn more, check out the Kickstarter page and R8 Games’ website.

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