After the successful Taipei Fanfest in Taiwan, Microsoft are holding another Fanfest in Hong Kong, celebrating the first anniversary of the Xbox One’s launch in the country on September 23rd.

The Hong Kong Fanfest is both a celebration and a marketing stunt after the hit-and-miss start for the console in Asian territories. It treated fans to a presentation and lots of playable versions of upcoming Xbox exclusives including Halo 5: Guardians, alongside information on Windows 10 and what it means for gaming with Microsoft. The newest Forza was also available for play with a full racing chair controller set up for all attendees to try to immerse themselves.

The event overall was similarly successful. This was due to the variety of games on display from both Microsoft and its partner companies like the Forza developer Turn 10. Representatives from developers were also in attendance too; Turn 20’s Chris Bishop happily tweeted loads of photos showing fans enjoying themselves and the Fanfest.


Overall it seems the event was a success for both Microsoft and great fun for those in attendance, which will hopefully see a boost for the Xbox One and draw more devs to it now there’s a big push in Asia to support it. Fanfests might even become much more common elsewhere given the response to both this and the Taipei event.

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